Oct 3, 2011

Rewind Everything -- Miss those memories

Here i am, enjoying my life as possible. i've been experienced and learning things since those days. i see now you enjoy your life too,you got everything you want just like what you onced told me when we were together, i thank god for all gud things we have now, you seemed happy to me. I love it. 

but still, i couldnt managed when this kind of feeling - thinking comes arround my mind, i wish i could turn back time and do something great to fulfil this feeling,....

I wonder if i could - am dying to be able to  rewind time and moment i once had....... 

Anw, dont judge me no more, you've did it so many times - even if i'm so irritating to you. 
cuz everything i do now is just a piece of expression,

Missing you so badly.
yeah, i miss you.
and, i miss you..
Always, miss you... //Love

  all alone@myroom.....


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